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Review: Rvnt – Vulnerable.

10525388_676156145809247_7203186462507901192_nVirginia metal band, RVNT, (known as Reverent) release their EP this week, ‘Vulnerable’, signed to We Are Triumphant Records, RVNT, are releasing their debut work and coming from different bands on the scene, I expect great things with years of experience coming together to make this record, you can learn more about the band through their facebook here.

This full length has some ruthless riffs straight from the start and that’s made clear as soon as you press play, particularly in tracks like ‘Vain’, and these matched with the drums, they sound like they are in competition with each other to find out who can make your eardrums bleed faster, and it’s a really difficult decision to figure out who the winner is here, particularly tracks like ‘Vain’ and ‘Buried Alive’ – Vain is certainly how to open a record and Buried Alive almost how to close one.

The mixture of vocals works really well and are not typical for this genre with a mixture of screaming and singing that work pretty well together, particularly on tracks like ‘Leech’ giving this record a very raw sound – each part really works well together and is a good record to introduce your sound with some really good writing, though I feel sometimes it feels a bit cliche, but they are done really well and songs like ‘More Than Words’ will I imagine make a moshpit.

This is a really good record which I feel is a good foundation for a band, considering it’s their first full length record with some good combination of vocals and there’s some excellent drums here that come at you from the beginning, and working with those guitars, it feels almost effortless, and maybe that’s a little bit of the problem as well – its a solid start from these Virginian metallers.

RVNT are on tour with Animal on the East Coast next month, some of these tracks are gonna be pretty epic live.



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