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Review: Belle & Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance.

GirlsInPeacetimeWantToDanceBelleandSebastian2015On their ninth studio album, Belle & Sebastian released ‘Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance’ this week, known for their indie pop sound, they will be on tour across the UK during May starting in Cardiff. It’s been four years since the last record from the band and it seems to be worth the wait.

From the start on this record there are known melodies, that are used often but uniquely on this record, songs like ‘Nobody’s Empire’ are definitely an example of that, however there is some great hooks throughout on this album and the songs are still as catchy as any good pop record should be but often used a little too much. The electronic beats on songs like ‘The Power Of Three’ and ‘The Party Line’ work perfectly with the vocals that Belle and Sebastian are really well known for.

‘The Cat With The Cream’, the lead single from the record is easy on the ear and has a great melody that works perfectly together, with a gentle sound to the song which is by no means representative of the record, it’s filled with much more dance pop tracks which ‘The Cat With The Cream’ doesn’t have, and it makes the song stick out cos it doesn’t feel like fits on the record.

There’s definitely great hooks and melodies here that really make you listen to this record, it’s a curious thing which does make you hear certain sounds like they are brand new, but it is an odd composition which sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. The vocals are unique to this band and works really well with what they have made giving it sometimes an ethereal sound and a harkening to electronica from the eighties (my mum would be so proud!). This album is a good comeback record, it just feels assembled together, however mostly assembled excellently.



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