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Review: Light You Up – All We’ve Ever Known.

light-your-up-cdBirmingham Pop Punkers, Light You Up released their debut album this week and it is now being streamed on Kerrang! The band recorded with Sam Pura who has worked with some of Pop Punk’s finest, including Man Overboard and State Champs, so there are some great expectations placed on this record.

The album has some awesome melodies straight from the start of the album, with some catchy hooks thrown in for good measure, kinda how you want a pop punk album to be made really, this is shown on tracks like ‘Breathe’ the record’s opener and the title track ‘All We’ve Ever Known’ – I think Light You Up just set the bar for British Pop Punk bands with this record, and it’s gonna take some beating.

This record is written excellently and though a little repetitive in places, there’s some really good work on this album with some really good choruses that will get you singing along incredibly easily, and will  certainly be a perfect fit on the Pure Noise tour in March with Four Year Strong and Forever Came Calling – these song really have the pop punk angst that these bands also excel in, and in combination with some awesome melodies that will really get people listening to them, I am sure of it. The use of an acoustic sound on this album really works as well particularly on ‘You Are Waiting For A Train’. (this album really reminds me of State Champs Acoustic Things record).

This album is really how to make a debut, with everything coming together practically perfectly, with some great writing, drum beats and angst that really make a pop punk record, with songs like ‘Monsters’ and ‘Always Wanting More’ really standing out but it’s hard to pick out stand out tracks because all of them could be stand outs if you gave this record a listen. This record is certainly well produced and their choice of producer was impeccable making this album so easy to listen to, it’s certainly no chore to be writing about this album, I’d do it again tomorrow, if I could.




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