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Review: Fossil Youth – Entertwined With You.

v600_Fossil_Youth_EP_coverFossil Youth release their new EP, Entertwined With You on the 3rd of February, which is a continuation of the split they made with Wickerwolves last year. You can listen to a stream of the EP right here, where you can also pre-order the record.

The EP begins with ‘From The Window’ which begins with a good riff and great writing that really is accentuated by the good production, that makes each layer sound really clear and makes for a good recording and record – there’s certainly a typical pop punk angst here on this record, but it’s not done with too many cliche’s with a raw more edge to the sound.

Fossil Youth though on this record seem to be working on their sound however and trying to find the sound they want for themselves, though each song works really well together, there’s still a lot of different sounds working together here, this is shown in the nuances of ‘Silver Tongue’ and ‘From The Window’, and that can’t be a bad thing, never mind the energy released on ‘Wick’ which is a contrast to the previous tracks – there’s certainly musicians here who are trying to find their sound.

It says for fans of bands like Citizen and maybe that’s a good recommendation but I see a more Balance and Composure, Real Friends sound on this EP with that edgy, raw sound with good writing that those two bands are known for, there’s room for development here and certainly a lot of talent in this band that have begun honing their craft – certainly worth a listen and you can find out more about the band through their facebook.



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