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Review: Seaway, Trophy Eyes, Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep – The Waterfront, Norwich 04/02/2015.

neckdeepThe wrestling puns are coming here, with this fatal fourway of a gig. Neck Deep headlined one of the most anticipated and well put together tours in a long time, with some of the world’s best pop punk bands coming together on a tour of the UK and I’ve never been gladder my fine city has the Waterfront tonight. After some awesome sets from all four bands, with a hell of a main event.

Seaway, the opener for the show brought some well needed energy to a crowd that really wanted it, and they took it and ran with it all through the show, Alberta stood out for me during the set and I wasn’t surprised they’re making a music video for this track throughout the tour, as they really brought their a-game throughout their set particularly with this song and really put the crowd into submission. Trophy Eyes, were an excellent follow up to this, their recent release Mend, Move On, is excellent and really showcase this just as well live with a ruthless aggression, and melodies that kick in your eardrums like a kick in the face from CM Punk (I know, he’s in UFC now).

Knuckle Puck was certainly a band I was looking forward to seeing live as they are a band on two of the most anticipated tours of the year, this one here in the UK and the American Candy tour in the US, which is the first tour with The Maine’s new record, and they didn’t disappoint, with songs from their EP While I Stay Secluded included in the set, Bedford Falls and Why Do You Care? In particular really brought a new dimension to the gig, and got people joining in and getting moving, but every band in this gig accomplished that, which is no easy feat.

Neck Deep are excellent live, they were at the Arts Centre last year, and the lead singer, Ben Barlow  was ill that day apparently, so if he can be great sick, when he played tonight, you knew he was in healthy, cos he took to that stage and made it in his own, I’m not sure that a tour can really ever live up to it how good this gig was – this show might have ruined every other gig I ever go to, it was that good. Neck Deep have an incredible energy and a way with words that few have, songs like Apart Of Me and Candour, hit you right in the gut, but songs like Staircase Wit and Growing Pains will make you sing along until your throats raw – and that’s a set to be proud of.

An excellent group of musicians and an excellent gig, that I’m glad I got to see.



2 thoughts on “Review: Seaway, Trophy Eyes, Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep – The Waterfront, Norwich 04/02/2015.

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