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Review: Butch Walker – Afraid Of Ghosts.

butch-walker-afraid-of-ghosts-album-artButch Walker, known for more production than his own records (Nothing Personal being one of his most well known pop punk records) , has released his own new record this week, Afraid Of Ghosts, which has a very organic feel and very much not like Nothing Personal. And listening to this, it’s not shocking he was recently on tour with Ryan Adams, as this album certainly fits with that acoustic sound that Adams does so well, and Butch Walker is certainly mastering.

There’s a uniqueness to Walker’s sound, though the record feels simple, it seems anything but, particularly on tracks like ‘I Love You’ and tracks like ‘Still Drunk’ which uses unique sounds to bring a new perspective to classic melodies and that is a thing that is consistent throughout the record, which allows for this album to work perfectly together, but then that shouldn’t really be shocking considering the credits that Butch Walker has in production.

Lyrically, there’s some memorable lines and hooks that really work on this record, which bring light and shade on this album, with a tendency to really draw something out, that can be seen as good, but after a bit slightly repetitive, however songs like ‘Bed On Fire’ for example are written perfectly well with the melodies. Autumn Leaves pacey beat is easy to listen to and one of the highlights of the new record, but really the lyrics here are secondary to the composition of this record, how he uses music to paint the picture is executed excellently throughout this record.

This record is certainly something crafted well together that is made with a lot of thought in the production, and it works altogether, with unique beats and melodies. Butch Walker has brought together a very authentic and heartfelt record with a lot of thought, songs like ‘Father’s Day’ really display this. Excellently made, certainly worth a listen if you like an acoustic sound done good.


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