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Review: The Kerrang! Tour – UEA LCR, Norwich, 06/02/2015.

WP_20150206_002The Kerrang! tour stormed into Norwich once again last night, and what a tour it is this year. Made up of five bands, Beartooth, Bury Tomorrrow, a sneaky little set by Young Guns, We Are The In Crowd and Don Broco, it’s an interesting line up combination which I think really drove some bands to really up their live game on the night.

Beartooth are definitely a band you want opening a show, and they did it excellently tonight with amazing energy and an excellent set that opened up some circle pits, and really begun the show, creating and building a solid connection with the audience, which Bury Tomorrow definitely built on and really brought that crowd to a whole another level, with a vocal like a roar, and amazing live show that really is something that looked effortless throughout their set – if you like metal, you need to see this band live. Young Guns certainly took advantage of the energy Bury Tomorrow created and took the stage by storm, Bones beginning the sing-a-longs that would dominate the rest of the evening.

We Are The In Crowd are certainly who band brought their A-game tonight, I think driven by the fact that following the bands they had, they did really have to have a set that really brought some energy to the gig, and they did it with some style. An excellent set which included many of the highlights of their latest record, Weird Kids, like Reflections and Manners, and The Best Thing and some throwbacks with tracks like Lights Out as well, that really made for an excellent set – Tay is one of the best female leads and I think that really showed tonight, I hope they return soon, possibly with a new record.

Fire is a good title for a first single, as they were on fire tonight, (I’m sorry) with an excellent light and production show, accompanied by an excellent set that really was excellent to watch, with a mixture of new and old tracks including songs off new record Fire and I See Blood, plus a mixture of old stuff including Beautiful Morning, it was certainly a set for a someone whose liked them since the beginning or the first time seeing them. Don Broco are excellent live and Damiani, really takes advantage of the whole of the stage and commands it well.

I suspect few will want to see every band on the tour, but go into this gig open minded as you’ll be surprised what these bands can deliver on the night. It was pretty close to perfection.



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