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Review: Title Fight – Hyperview.

tfTitle Fight released their new album last week, Hyperview, which you can give a listen via their bandcamp right now. The Pennsylvania natives certainly aren’t alone in making awesome music in their home state, but they’ve been doing a lot to stand out amongst it, and I am sure this record is no exception to their rule.

The gentle build on this record going from Murder Your Memory into Chlorine, really works effectively, and the use of different sounds on this record does give it a unique style that really makes the record stand out, particularly, the guitar riffs that filter through this record, tracks like Hypernight wouldn’t be the same without the guitars that work on that track.

Hyperview does work perfectly together, each song working seamlessly together The record is produced by Will Yip (La Dispute, Hostage Calm), who has worked on some standout work, and this is no exception to the rule, with an almost ethereal sound, which is reminiscent in some places of bands such as The Smiths particularly the vocal, but with a lot more punch to every song with aggressive riffs on tracks such as Rose Of Sharon which along with Mrahc is one of the highlights of the album, which gives this record real definition and separate it from the rest.

There’s a lot of progression here for this band, and a new sound direction that certainly works, and this record is certainly worth the wait for after a two and half year wait since Floral Green, their last record. Full of energy and tremendous riffs, this record throughout creates a unique and easy sound that this band do so well, I’m gutted I missed it’s release last week, however, this record is certainly worth catching up with now.



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