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Review: Alive Like Me, Dangerkids, Set It Off and Crown The Empire – The Waterfront, Norwich 11/02/2015.

WP_20150211_003Tonight’s show was the Rise Of The Runaways tour, headlined by Crown The Empire, one of the shooting stars of Metal, this tour coming off the back of supporting Asking Alexandria in the Autumn of last year. With some excellent support and a great headline show, it’s was certainly worth the standing in the cold.

Alive Like Me, are much better live than record, and certainly know how to support a band, with huge amount of audience participation and getting the audience moving, you can tell they’ve had some practice in how to make a gig get going and it was certainly appreciared, making a good connection with the crowd from the start. Dangerkids took the lead and really dominated the stage from the start with an excellent live show with some amazing drum beats (and the fact that every drumbeat was made by a lady is a cherry on top).

Set It Off, really do live up to their name, with a huge amount of energy throughout their set, finishing with Why Worry, but also a band who make an effort with their live show and really have a good production standard through the set. Cody Carson’s voice and charisma really brought the show to another level and really worked considering his sound is very different from headliner’s Crown The Empire, who certainly brought an awesome show tonight.

Crown The Empire certainly know how to do a show, smoke machines and some incredible lights aside, this is a band who really bring their show to their audience and really can incite a crowd into a moshpit I’ve not seen at a gig before, a moshpit can be made anywhere (I saw one in my youth at a Panic At The Disco gig) but I think the support and the quality of the headliner really brought this gig to another level, with some incredible guitarists and the mixture of vocals works excellently live.

Though sometimes getting this show moving felt a little forced, there was a lot of highlights made by all the bands tonight, and certainly worth seeing on the last three shows of the tour if you wanna jump around a lot.



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