There’s Still More To Do To Get Women Into Music.

The rise of women in music, particularly in metal and rock recently is one that is to be conrgratulated by many, however there’s still so much to do.

If you look at the record labels, they have one women each, for example, Tay Jardine leads on Hopeless, Jenna Mcdougall on Fearless, Lynn Gunn on Rise, Sydney on Warner, why just one woman, I’m not sure, but there’s a huge amount of talent that is being missed, it seems the only way for more women to get signed is a game of one up man ship and keeping up with the other labels in the industry, and when independent labels are doing this, it’s disappointing as they should be the ones really making change.

The Confidence Gap between men and women and females being able to get into music in the first place is difficult, and so the rise of women in music is awesome, however they’ve always been there, there’s always been talented women and it’s good to see change. There certainly needs more encouragement for women to get into music as we will only see these women over and over again, passed off as the talent, when really they look like tokens for record labels to say they are working with women and the music scene will become a place where a band has to break up for new female artists to get signed – why bother if it’s gonna be such hard work to be able to make music if you have to wait for another woman to leave?

The rise of the question, ‘are you a feminist?’ in interviews is interesting, but a more important question is ‘what are they doing for feminism?’ Hayley Williams over the last two years during the self titled record has only toured with one woman (Charli XCX), that means All Time Low have toured with more women than someone who won the Billboard Women In Music Trailblazer award late last year in over the last few years, that means a lot of male bands have done more Paramore for women in music (Pierce The Veil are another example, even Warped tour which is bad for this stuff, is better but not by much). It’s good to see musicians talk about feminism, and how it impacts on them, however there should be more effort in getting women on tours by other women, and not ensuring women are their own genre.

There needs to be more change, however things are moving in the right direction, really there’s three main points to enabling women in music whether they are the singer or an instrumentalist, go listen, go buy tickets and if you can tour with them do it. There’s a huge amount of diversity right now in music, from pop rock in Against The Current and The Summer Set, Metal in bands like Pvris, Tonight Alive and Dangerkids, pop punk bands like We Are The In Crowd, Grunge in Milk Teeth (I could be here for a bit) that it’s unbelievable that there isn’t something you will like from the range of musicians we now have, and the more there are, the more the music scene can’t pigeonhole or ignore talented women, and that can only be a good thing for the music scene.





2 thoughts on “There’s Still More To Do To Get Women Into Music.

    • I see more women, and that’s awesome! I want so many more women and there are labels who are really representing them now especially in the UK, however I don’t see that change in the US so much. Labels still have the ‘one woman’ problem and that’s not good for music. I also don’t see women on tours – I mention ATL here, but since announcing their move to FBR they’ve not toured with a single woman. It’s getting better slowly. I find country tends to incredible women who are doing great things and folk too – it’s a blooming style I am appreciating a lot lately!

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