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Review: Gutterlife – Don’t Sleep.

10506732_330383780503931_2311412172330151300_oGutterlife are a punk rock band from Long Island, and a band with a small following and what seems to be an even bigger sound, with their new EP coming out recently, Don’t Sleep really does show all the band’s strengths excellently.

Complacent has a raw aggressive sound from the start and the political edge that runs through the EP does set them apart too, and is woven throughout the EP excellently coupled with an awesome riff that gives this song a unique sound from the start of the song, partnered with a simple but great drum beat it works really well altogether, making for what could be a great single.

The aggressive pace continues on tracks like Dropping Bombs and Symptoms Of War the vocals of Van Rossem are full of an attitude and menace that suits this EP excellently, and the use of audio throughout songs and recordings of speeches is hard to pull off, but weaving this into the music is executed so well here, and probably done the best I’ve heard so far, but it would be good to see some originality in places – something bands are moving towards, the use of spoken word becoming popular in the genre.

The fact that bands are still discussing the implications of invasion over a decade later, is a sign of just how much of a stupid idea it was, and the music it has inspired combined with the anger of those who have seen the impact war and destruction, can make some tragically good records, and this is certainly one of them, the vocals are strong here and partnering these with some excellent riffs, it’s a really good EP. This is a band ready for ascendance.



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