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Review: Leopards – Future Fate Forever.

PromoImage-2-600x599Talented northern Alt Rockers, Leopards release their new EP next week, Future Fate Forever, on the 23rd February, and you can hear a complete stream of the new record on the Rock Sound website right now.

Jenna Clare’s vocals are awesome throughout the EP, and really the production aids that, showing how much of an asset her sound is, her voice working with the melodies work excellently mostly, particularly on tracks like ‘Broken Family’ and ‘Promise Me’ which really showcase the gentle sound she has, and it really works on this record throughout, however the guitars are the stand out here.

Throughout the EP the riffs are really setting the pace for the EP and the drum work though working in the background really weaves this EP together and makes this record really worth a listen, with some great sounds that work really well with the vocals most of the time, but sometimes Clare’s voice seems quite out of place here. The whole thing is put together well and really makes for a really great sound put together, and each song ties well together.

It’s well put together and certainly straightforward, with some great sounds throughout, worth checking out if you like bands such as Natives and a more pop sound, it’s good to have another great female voice on the scene, who can really show such emotion through their writing and vocals and a band really with some huge potential backing that voice up.



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