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Review: Adventures – Supersonic Home.

ADVENTURESAdventures, release their new record this week through Topshelf Records, and you can hear a full stream of the record over on Stereogum. The Pittsburgh natives gave an indicator of what the record might sound like in their single, ‘My Sweetness’ in December, the band have released a split with Pity Sex last year and it’s good to hear a full record of a band that is certainly getting the attention it really deserves.

The whole album is put together excellently and how an album should really sound from a production perspective, the sound is crystal clear and each song feels like it was made in this order, it’s done that well. And the collective vocals from the bands are excellent with a raw sound that works really well partnered up with the melodies – Adventures, are certainly adventurous with their sound and it shows on this record with some stirring sounds, particularly coming from the riffs, there’s just so much going on in this record, it’s one of the most entertaining records I’ve listened to, tracks like ‘My Marble Home’ make that clear.

Drum beats on this record are interesting and unique to this band, listening to the record for the melodies and drum runs alone is one of my favourite uses of my time, it makes for a lot of cymbal and great use of guitars, this is particularly clear on tracks like, ‘Absolution, Worth Requited’ and ‘Pure’ – the writing is kept simple throughout the record, it is a fascinating listen, and a record that I would be curious to listen to live, as I wonder what this is like to hear in translation  from the studio to the stage, as it seems a very complex record musically.

I really like this record, it’s one of the most consistently great records I’ve heard so far this year, with a great sound throughout, the vocals are certainly good, however I would say a taste to be acquired, this record is robust and certainly how an alternative band want to debut their sound.



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