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Review: Surrender The Coast – Lost Souls.

Surrender-the-coast-Lost-SoulsSurrender The Coast, hailing from Leicester have been making some noise lately, and some very good ones are definitely here on their mini album, Lost Souls, which is released next week through Redfield Digital. This band have been away for a while crafting this record to bring the best thing they can make and they’ve done pretty good.

The vocals are raw and aggressive and put your ears under attack from the start, and the production of this record certainly makes these vocals sounds incredible, the sound being excellent throughout the EP, and the vocals are awesome, Connelly’s vocals being a perfect fit on this record, bringing a powerhouse of aggression to each song on the record from the start, the title track being one of the best examples of this.

The vocals partnered with the guitars here, which are excellent really melt your eardrums and one of the highlights of the record, from the slow pace melodies in ‘Thrones’ and the reckless sound of tracks like ‘Dreamcatcher’ are brutal and certainly some of the best metal so far this year. Guitar riffs are pretty amazing through this record, and though in some places it seems kinda done, there’s new sounds here that will continue to make this band interesting for a time to come.



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