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Review: Festivole: One Day Rocket, Second Place Hero, More Than Most and Fenrir – Waterfront Studio, Norwich, 20/02/2015.

More Than Most @ Waterfront Studio.

More Than Most @ Waterfront Studio.

Last night, in the name of the St Martin’s Housing Trust, a local charity that helps those who are homeless, you can find more information here, held a gig to raise funds with four great local and not so local bands, showcasing talent really well. The Waterfront Studio was an excellent choice of venue for this gig, with some great acoustics and an intimate atmosphere that made this gig awesome.

One Day Rocket were a good opening act with some really good guitars working together, and some good vocals that really gave a good start to the show, though business was slow with picking up with the crowd, they did have a good set, and the cover or Survivor of Destiny’s Child with a heavy twist, was really good. Second Place Hero certainly had some aspects in common with some great riffs and some interesting vocal work, using vocals in bridges giving them a unique sound, I think the crowd not really awake yet, or waiting for other bands didn’t help at the beginning of the show, but there’s a lot of talent here and certainly worth checking out.

More Than Most really did get this going by working the crowd and getting them involved the show, though sometimes it felt the band were more style than substance, what they had of the substance was pretty good with some great hooks and good guitars working together, they had an energy and enthusiasm that earlier bands certainly couldn’t match. However, Fenrir was all that More Than Most had but with more polish and some great music too, really being a great headliner for the night, bringing a relentless energy to the stage with classy riffs and awesome melodies, finishing the show up with a bang.

Congratulations to India for organising such a great show, and for pictures from the gig, you can find them at Harley’s Photography.


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