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Review: I Exist – Humanity.

iexistI Exist, a duo from Indianapolis, have created an album made of four volumes, and huge sounds that really are quite an amazing combination of albums, 80 minutes of rock music combined, I Exist’s line up changes didn’t affect the size of their sound and this shown on these volumes throughout.

With heavy guitars and beats throughout the sections, there’s a heaviness here that really works well altogether and makes for some amazing melodies, and each song works really well together – this is thanks a lot to the high production quality throughout and makes each melody clear to my ears excellently.

The use of violin is really excellent particularly on tracks like ‘Our Demise’ in particular, there’s so much to write about on this album, that make the sounds excellent, and combined with the vocals it’s really good, there’s some soaring melodies and the use of spoken word which is being excellently done lately, is worked really well throughout these records and gives a futuristic feel to the record and this gives the heaviness of the songs real depth, as the thought and process of these records are shown so well.

These volumes are done extremely well, with great vocals and melodies throughout the record, with an ambient sound that is reflected throughout all of them, it may take some time to listen to each one but is certainly worth it, and even more difficult to compare, this band have certainly made a unique sound to themselves and done it well, in places it can feel continous, however, there are dynamic changes a lot, giving this record some great twists and turns. It’s almost perfect.

You can give all four volumes and purchase them from I Exists’ Bandcamp here.



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