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Review: Oceans Ate Alaska – Lost Isles.

Oceans-Ate-Alaska-Lost-Isles-600x600Oceans Ate Alaska, release their new album next week, and it is long awaited, from one of the few british bands that are now signed to Fearless Records, I hope the record lives up to the potential Fearless saw in them. Recently seen on tour with The Word Alive, the band had a good performance on tour, but I hope this record is better.

The first thing I notice about this record is the drums sound like rolling thunder, with an amazing sound coming out as soon as the record begins, going heavy in this record straight from the start of the album. The drums working in time with the guitars on tracks such as ‘Blood Brothers’ are excellently executed with some great style, and this is followed up in ‘High Horse’ which is basically a competition judged by your ears on what part of the song can keep your attention, there’s so much good stuff going on here, that it’s gonna be bloody hard to choose.

The blend of vocals is amazing, the use of singing and almost demonic sounding screaming voice, works perfectly, ‘Vultures & Sharks’ is the perfect example of this on the record, with some great screaming, and the vocals of James Harrison are awesome throughout, and really show the angst throughout the record, the screaming sounding desperate, particularly on tracks like ‘Downsides’ and ‘Floorboards’ giving it an emotive feel to the record and just really showing on record which I don’t feel live they really lived up to.

There’s a lot of potential on this record, and so much to admire on this debut record with Fearless, and with some amazing drumbeats that sound like Thor might have inspired them, this with the mixed vocals throughout, that work excellently together, it’s hard to fault this record. Though sometimes, maybe some more time could be spent on making the melodies work a little better together here and there, but there’s certainly progress here and it’s a hell of a record, I think Fearless should be happy with what this band have turned out.

You can hear a complete stream of the record on Rock Sound now.



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