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Review: Threading/Unconditional Arms – Split EP.

unnamed (1)Though this Split EP is only three tracks long, and can be listened over at Impose Magazine exclusively, if you do a bit of scrolling, this band have begun developing a following with the shoegazer style coming to the fore, Threading is certainly a band to watch, and have been since they were established in 2013.

Fume and Ember are two of the tracks on the EP and both contributed by Threading, which both work remarkably well together, with a continous but tremendous riff and a sound that grows remarkably well throughout, giving an anbient sound and gentle vocals that work well with the music, and to an extent could work without them, as the sound builds and fades again, this is particularly true of Fume.

Unconditional Arms contribution to this split, comes out of the traps much faster, with a fast beat and choral vocals, which really make for an individual sound from this band, it’s six minutes of great sound and with interesting melodies, it’s an interesting track and certainly worth a listen.

The split can be found at Native Sound, and it’s certainly worth checking out, if you like Explosions In The Sky for example, these bands are certainly worth giving a listen as they are going to be around for a while, give them a listen now, you’ll be glad you did – this EP is a good place to start.


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