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Review: Trespassers – Rival Glass EP.

trespassersNew York quintet, Trespassers, released their new EP this week via Spartan Records, known for some great melodies already, Trespassers new EP is well anticipated and a good way to begin the new year.

The EP opens with Dead End and really begins with some heavy guitars and some raspy vocals that work excellently with the music, making for a real rock sound coming through, and certainly a song that icertainly worth being the lead single – with the addition of Micheal Roe’s vocals (of Daisyhead) as well on this track, it works well together. You can hear the single here.

There’s some great melodies here, and each part does work well together, particularly drum runs and guitars, which really is shown throughout, Eclipse being one of the best examples on the EP, entwining with the vocals, it makes this EP a great listen and certainly there’s a raw sound here that works really well, this is shown in the sound in ‘Thereafter’ which really brings all the bands strength together.

If anything in places it can feel samey and really doesn’t show how far this band can go with experimenting with their sound, and it works together well, cos sometimes it feels endless, and you don’t know much when one song stops and ends, I think this is a band who can do more, and there’s highlights here, ‘Sinking Stone’ being one of those songs that really sets itself apart so easily here.

It’s a good EP with some really good songs, particularly their lead single Dead End, and Sinking Stone. Great combination of guitars which really show here, but a little done before, however this a great place to begin from and certainly a band to keep an eye out as they move forward with their sound.



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