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Review: Taylor Locke – Time Stands Still.

LJX080_1400Taylor Locke, released his debut album on the 23rd of this month, known for some acoustic folk sounds, Locke’s debut record has a full sound that it feels like a whole band worked on this record, however all of it is brought together by Tyler, who does an excellent job at making some great melodies.

It’s not particularly difficult to hear why the lead track on the album here is ‘Running Away From Love’, a completely catchy chorus and big melodies make this song one of the highlights of the record, and certainly brings a ray of sunshine to the cold days of February, with an optimistic upbeat sound to the record.

Locke has some great vocals to offer up throughout the record and has a very soft gentle voice in places particularly on the title track ‘Time Stands Still’, that works perfectly with the sound he’s trying to make, but then there’s tracks here, which have a more rock sound like ‘So Long’ which is one of my favourite tracks from the record, and ‘Call Me Kuchu’ which comes in with a great beat – not one song really sounds the same, it can feel a little disconnected sometimes, but I really like the sound that’s being made here.

There’s a lot of potential here, and though the tracklisting seems a little off, it’s a great sound and very easy on the ear. Locke has brought together a great collection of songs that are certainly have some great lyrics and hooks and melodies that have a slow groove to them, it’s a great debut record.



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