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Review: High Rise – Tides Will Take You.

a3359577313_2London Five-Piece, High Rise release their debut EP next week, after forming in 2011, they took hiatus and made a comeback recently, culminating with a tour, and this EP, and they are ready to reclaim a scene which needs a little bit more of the energy that this band have in bucketloads.

Staddon’s vocals though a little diminished by the production, are awesome throughout the record, with a unrelenting rawness to the sound that this band have created, particularly on tracks like ‘Brotherhood’ which really reflect that, but really you can see this throughout the record, particularly in opener, ‘Burdens’ that really highlights the strong vocals at work here.

There’s great use of melodies here on this record which sound pretty good, ‘Memories’ use of sound is really unique, particularly the intros, the drums and guitars working together excellently, the chorus on this track is great as well, and making this track the first single is by no means a mistake, I think I would have done the same – live, this record is gonna be amazing to hear, probably better than recorded. Title tracks, ‘Tides Will Take You’ has a very gentle melody that really connects the EP well, and though it seems it doesn’t work, it really is needed to bridge the EP together.

There’s a lot of talent here, with some great used of melody and vocals that work really well with them, a good debut record with a band that has an imagination and how to push their style in different directions and that’s really needed.




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