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Review: Red Seas Fire – Resolution.

Red Seas FireBristol prog rock four piece, Red Seas Fire release their new EP next week and you can hear it in full on the Rock Sound site right now. The band have a great following and for good reason with some dramatic drum beats and vocals that are raw and reckless working well wth the melodies they create.

Blood Bank, is one of the highlights of the record, these tracks really build throughout and the high quality production really does showcase the strengths of this band with a roaring start on drums and some subtle sounds that really make the songs stand out perfectly.

The combination of vocals and screaming, is really excellently done, and not overdone so that the songs lacks sense, and used throughout with some great execution. The lyrics are well written throughout, tracks like ‘The Mistakes We Made’ make this clear, and though long, it’s never dull, with a real adventure into different sounds on this record, something  that is so rare, breaking down and building up so easily.

A very good EP from Red Seas Fire, there’s a lot of work gone into this and you can tell, it feels a little over-produced sometimes in some places, it’s made well, and certainly worth giving a listen, if anything, my one real complaint is that there’s too little of it, here’s to more Red Seas Fire in the future.



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