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Review: Svalbard, Grader and Funeral For A Friend – Waterfront Studio, Norwich – 6/3/2015.

TWP_20150306_005hough in some parts of tonight’s show, to wake this sleepy Norwich crowd up you would need a defibrillator, as it wouldn’t move for anyone but the headliner, it lacked appreciation for some really excellent support in Grader and Svalbard, and made up for it for Funeral For A Friend’s set.

Svalbard has a unique and great combination of female and male screaming vocals, that really compliment one another excellently and really have some great instrumentals, which leads to some incredible riffs throughout their set. Grader on the other hand were an intense band, and play sets with a lot of feeling, with some emotional vocals which felt like every word was still raw – both bands had a great live show that really brought it, and they did have to fight for attention, and they did their best.

Funeral For A Friend really do have a great live show, and a great set with some awesome highlights from their records, ‘A Bad Case Of The Religions’ from most recent release, Chapter And Verse was a highlight, and so were tracks like ‘History’ and ‘One Per Cent’ – they most certainly jumpstarted the audience, having massive singalongs and energy that really did show this band still have it after fourteen years.

There’s certainly a great collection of bands on this tour, go see them – make sure they have a better second night on this tour.



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