Five Women To Look Out For in 2015.

2014 was an amazing year for women in rock music in particularly with some of the best records being made by female led bands, and this year will be the year that really showcases all the talent that has been found in the last 12 months, these are the women that you should be keeping an eye out for.

1. Lynn Gunn, Pvris – If you’ve not heard this women, what rock are you living under, White Noise being one of the best albums coming out of the second half of 2014, this band are gonna kick butt in 2015, with tours in the UK with Lower Than Atlantis and just finishing a tour of the US with Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil, this band are only gonna get more relevant – start with lead single St Patrick off the new record, you won’t regret it.

2. Chrissy Constanza – Against The Current – Newly signed to music powerhouse Fuelled By Ramen, this band just released new EP Gravity, and toured with Set It Off across the US. Things are only gonna get better with some amazing choruses and amazing vocals from Constanza, this band are probably gonna be doing amazing things – ‘Talk’ on their new EP, is great and the eponymous track, Gravity, these are certainly tracks you should check out.

3. Brianna Collins, Tiger’s Jaw – Just go buy Charmer, it’s such a good album, released in 2014, this band are so good it hurts. Signed to Topshelf Records, but sort of on hiatus, Brianna Collins is a great vocalist, and Charmer really accentuates that fact. ‘Hum’ the lead single off the new record is a good choice when it comes to a place to start with this band, a band doing things differently with keyboards and great sounds, I really would love more music from this band, and so should you.

4. Becca McIntyre, Marmozets – Only one of ten bands that is led by a lady on the whole of the Reading and Leeds festivals and the only one playing the main stage, with the bonus of  an album that just knocks out your eardrums in all the best ways, Marmozets are a star in the ascendance, and it’s only getting brighter – Why Do You Hate Me? And Captivate You are the highlights off a great record, go listen to it, you won’t regret it.

5. Katie Cole, Dangerkids – Not a lead singer but a drummer, Katie Cole is the drummer for Dangerkids, who were recently seen on the Crown The Empire tour of the UK with Set It Off and Alive Like Me. Collapse their debut record is awesome, and one of the reasons for this is Cole’s drumwork – finding female leads is easy, but finding them on an instrument, is even harder and being hugely talented is certainly a benefit.

Obviously, this list is comprehensive, the new Halestorm record is awesome, and Lzzy Hale is a badass lead, the new We Are The In Crowd album is being made, Tonight Alive are of course on the US Future Hearts tour, and Hayley Williams just won a Grammy award and Echosmith are just beginning getting on the chart, bands like Pity Sex, Svalbard and The Hype Theory are out there ready to be heard, go listen to them all!

Happy International Women’s Day!


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