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Review: Sleep Routine – Self Titled EP.

Ssleepleep Routine, a five piece from Berlin, recently released their Self Titled EP, with indie and math rock influences, this band have begun creating a sound of their own on this EP, and certainly worth giving a listen on their bandcamp right now.

Sad Surfers, the opener on this EP is has a great melody to it, and the rough vocals really work here, making it a great combination, this song is short but sweet but really kickstarts the EP setting the tone for the record. The riffs works perfectly with some great guitars particularly on tracks such as Home Remedies and Casual Talk.

It’s well written and well thought out, and thanks to the production, it does sound great, with everything sounding crystal clear, making sure that everything works perfectly together. Sleep Routine have certainly done a great job on this EP, there is a little need for refining however, this EP is very good for a foundation to build on.

You can find out more about the band on Facebook.



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