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Review: Courage My Love – Becoming EP.

Tunnamed (2)oronto trio, Courage My Love release their new EP on March 24th, after signing to InVogue records, a band that have grown a huge following, with over 3.4 million youtube views and a growing fanbase, the band are soon to be on tour with a band whose records I knew so well in high school, Hawthorne Heights, across the US.

‘Kerosene’ is a great song, and certainly a hell of a chorus, which will certainly get a crowd going, and the good writing is certainly consistent, ‘Skin and Bones’ is a great example of this. Lead single off the record, ‘You Don’t Know How’ is also a real rock and roll tune, that brings a lot of sass, with some great drum beats and some real vocals with attitude.

This band throughout the record consistently bring some great riffs, ‘Unfamiliar Sheets’ just proves that alone, but throughout the record, these three, really do bring it, ‘Lost Cause’ as well, has some great guitar work going on, but the drums here are great too, this band really show on this record how well they work together – they have great chemistry and it really shows all the way through this EP, and I suspect that will translate live soon.

“You don’t need to play by the book to be successful. Being a girl isn’t that big of a deal in music anymore. You don’t need to have a certain look. Break the rules, stand apart.” is something I agree with Phoenix about, and this music is showing that, but representation is so important, and making sure women are being heard is so important, but showing them doing it this well is also paramount, emotive lyrics on tracks such as ‘All I Need’ are awesome, and the melodies are great, certainly a good way to start the year.




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