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Review: Unifier – Gutted EP.

unifier North Carolina progressive rock band, Unifier release their new EP on March 25th, a band who has been known to progress with their sound, Unifier’s Gutted EP has a lot of promise, there’s certainly big sounds on this EP and a really showing of talent here.

The only thing simple on this EP, are the names of the tracks, ‘Fall’ coming in dramatically, the drums and guitars really working well together, and the vocals are easy to listen to and this goes on throughout the EP, Aslan’s tones works effortlessly on each song – it’s certainly no chore to listen to.

The songs do often seem a little repetitive, tracks such as ‘Break’, with some quite simplistic writing, however the melodies here, make up a little for the lack of words here, there’s a lot of potential on this ep for new directions, and it’s one of those records to relax with in places, and some great riffs that really work for a show, songs such as ‘Sink’ are good examples of that.

A great effort, reminiscent of bands such as Lonely The Brave for example, Unifier have made an EP with unique sounds and easy vocals, certainly worth giving a listen – you can hear one of the tracks, ‘Break’ here.


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