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Review: Awolnation – Run.

runawolAwolnation certainly know how to make a song, if the popularity of ‘Sail’ is anything to go by, live, they are great, and new record ‘Run’ is released this week via Red Bull Records. First single ‘Hollow Moon’ is a good taste of what’s to come on this record, with some excellent Electronic beats and awesome vocals.

Throughout the record, the beat is probably the first thing you notice and that’s certainly not a bad thing, with a real focus on making melodies that work with the electronic sounds the band have created, ‘Fat Face’ and ‘Hollow Moon’ have some great beats that really make this record have a more dancy vibe in places, however there is obviously the vocals that challenge this.

The lyrics are strong, if not repetitive, but they are catchy, and make some for some great songs, ‘Jailbreak’ is a good example of simplicity done good, and the mixture of different vocal styles on the record are excellent, ‘Kookseverywhere!!!’ has a strong beat, but the vocals combined really make this song interesting – if anything this record is incredibly unique – sometimes the songs seem a little out of juxtapose and don’t really work together well sometimes, ‘I Am’ has a very different sound for ‘Headrest Of The Soul’ for example and so don’t work well next to one another.

There’s a lot of variety on this record, and sometimes it works excellently, and sometimes it doesn’t, however it doesn’t diminish, how individually these songs work, ‘Headrest Of The Soul’ is a really great acoustic track almost, that does sound so odd where it’s placed on the record, and ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ is certainly an excellent choice for the single off this record being one of the highlights of the album. Not really sure who I can compare to, but certainly worth a listen if you like electronica.

You can hear a stream of the record exclusively on The Telegraph website (Rock and Roll!)



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