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Review: Marina & The Diamonds – Froot.

marina-diamonds-froot-coverIf anyone knows how to write a pop song, and make it cool, It’s Marina, whose speciality is writing catchy songs and making melodies which work perfectly to her distinctive voice, and Froot will I’m sure be no different, with singles being released that show a change in sound but that quality that’s always been there in her work.

Harmonies on this record seem to be the focus, with a really great showing of her vocal range throughout the album, her vocals are melodic and slightly ethereal, though her lyrics are pretty simply put together, the way they’re sung here is really perfect, tracks such as Blue and the title track, Froot really illustrate just how great a singer Diamandis is and these partnered with the melodies shows how great this album is assembled, each song works perfectly together.

Tracks such as Solitaire and Better Than That have strong beats and melodies that really work to the vocals that Marina has, electropop is her speciality, and certainly this is still pretty clear on this record, but with some refinement and sophistication, and greater depth lyrically, showing some real artistic maturity here, songs like Savages, one of my favourites on the record certainly really show that.

Certainly an album that makes make for growth and some great harmonies, Froot delivers some fresh sounds though if a little cliché in places, it’s ruthless lyrically and the electropop sounds are something Marina and The Diamonds do excellently, on this record, it’s not perfect, but there’s a lot of change here that certainly makes this record worth a listen.



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