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Review: Gentlemen Rogues – A History So Repeating EP.

GRartSet for some shows at the South By South West Festival, Gentleman Rogues release their second EP on April 7th, known for a shoegaze folky style and some areas of synth, this band explore sound well, and this new EP continues that tradition in different ways.

This EP is guitar laden, and has some great melodies made by the riffs that run through each song, giving each song a great groove that works really well, tracks like Empathy For The Devil, would be nothing without the guitars that work on this track, this is also the case on Thin As Thieves, which from the beginning comes in with a heavy riff that makes the track.

There’s some good writing here too and there’s some great hooks that are really quite infectious, as mentioned before, Thin As Thieves is a highlight of the record, and the cover of A Little Respect does keep the songs originality, but the band put their unique spin on the track, with some great vocals and a way of making it their own which is very difficult with such a distinctive track.

The EP has some great highlights which I’m sure will be great live, with a distinctive sound and the ability to make some great hooks, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a splash at South By South West, there’s good here, it’s a mixed EP but the band do some good things here, certainly worth a listen if you like a acoustic folky sound with some good melodies.



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