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Review: Real Friends, Neck Deep and All Time Low – Wembley Arena, 20/03/2015.

atlwemThe first thing I reviewed really on this blog was an All Time Low show, and it’s good to come full circle a year later with some great bands playing together at Wembley Arena, 12000 people filling the venue to see a band that is growing in popularity still over a decade later.

I think a better choice of support should have been considered for this show, as it’s not a good sign at a concert if many of the attendees are on their phones, Real Friends and Neck Deep are great bands, but All Time Low are more pop than punk, and of course both support bands, have lyrical depth and are far more emotional with their words – both bands have a good live show, that’s not to be denied, I just feel it didn’t suit the night, particularly on a DVD show when you need a crowd to be into it. Neck Deep certainly worked harder to make that crowd their own for their set.

All Time Low had an amazing set, which was perfect for what they wanted to do, with a spread of different songs from all of their records, from A Love Like War to Dear Maria, Count Me In at the end, this gig was executed with precision and with some thought, though I am surprised by some songs not being in (how good would have So Long Soldier been in Wembley?!) however I think it was an excellent set that really reflected how far All Time Low have come, Kids In The Dark is a song made for being played at a stadium and one of the highlights of the show.

Production, also in a key part of any All Time Low show as well, with some tremendous lights throughout the concert, tracks that stuck out to me were Backseat Serenade and the introduction to the show, it’s going to be a hell of a DVD to watch in the near future – the band if you love them are hypnotising to watch and really do bring a live set, but what they add to their show is also excellent – it’s how to do a live show in my opinion.

This should would be how to do a show, if it didn’t feel like the person who booked the support had never heard of All Time Low, the sets were great from all the bands, just it feels like a bad fit, which seems so odd as in previous years All Time Low seemed to have perfected on how to make a lineup, last year with Tonight Alive, and before that with The Maine and We Are The In Crowd, so on.

if you’re a Hustler, you should have been there for sure.



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