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Review: Light You Up, Forever Came Calling, Hit The Lights and Four Year Strong – The Waterfront, Norwich – 25/03/2015.

WP_20150325_012With half the bands having vocalists with issues with using their vocals, the show was actually pretty good, with Light You Up and Hit The Lights both having vocalists out of action due to illness, the show was great nonetheless with some great sets and a lot of energy that really was on display throughout the evening.

Light You Up opened the show well, evening if they were lacking their vocals, it felt like they were very aware of being a man down, however they handled their set well, and I admire both the bands for still putting on a show even though they weren’t a complete lineup. Hit The Lights also bringing a great show tonight and down their vocalist as well – and from the sound they were making you almost couldn’t tell leading, the band some huge singalongs – this city  felt like it had been starved of these guys and they certainly took that band in.

Forever Came Calling’s new album, ‘What Matters Most‘ has been one of my favourite records recently, and tonight the band certainly showed why tonight in their set, with a mixture of old and new tracks, ‘Rather Be Dead Than Cool’ being a particular highlight of the set and the album and it was good to see it live tonight, with some great vocals and some great guitars this band really displayed how good they are during their set, and I hope it’s not the last time we see them here in Norwich. (Also, they’re really nice people).

The headliner, was much anticipated and for good reason coming out with an intense energy that finally really made the audience switch up a gear, and got it moving, with tracks that like ‘One Step At A Time’ and ‘Go Down In History’ being some of the standout songs in the set tonight, though it was all pretty damned good, with a huge set from beginning to end which never lost momentum throughout the set, it never felt anything was going to slow down, and that is quite a talent.

A little out in places, but made up for by others, it was a really good show.



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