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Review: Hit The Lights – Summer Bones.

A band that has had ups and downs when it comes to their records, Hit The Lights returned with a triumph here with Summer Bones following up from 2012’s Invicta. Coming with some big sounds as they tour the UK, there’s some great stuff on this record straight from the start.

There’s big guitars right from the beginning on this record, with classic pop punk sounds going on here, that really work live as well as they do on record. These guitars partnered up with the drumwork and show this isn’t a band that isn’t easily ignored and all this really works well together throughout the record – maybe to a point where it can sound a little samey, if there’s something to critique.

The vocals are really strong as well on this record and the vocals working together are executed so well, tracks such as Life On The Bottom really illustrate this so well, and this continues with Revolutions And Executions, which is one of those songs that I wanted to put on repeat for a while after I had first heard it, really bringing the good things about this band together solidly. This record is consistent throughout and is produced well, bringing together some great songs.

Some might call this record safe, some might call it great and it’s a blend of both but it is a good record, with some great riffs, drops and hooks that compliment one another, maybe it seems a little generic in a scene that is getting crowded with some amazing bands, however Hit The Lights have really made a comeback with this album and it’s well worth a listen, especially live if you can still catch them on tour around the UK.

You can hear a complete stream on Rock Sound right now.



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