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Review: Over – Is This Growing Up?

Over @ Linificio Clam - Lodi Lo, ItalyFemale led hardcore band, Over, release their album on April 20th, known for their unique mix of screamo, hardcore and a bit of pop, the band who’ve over the last year played over a hundred shows are growing their fanbase in ther native Italy, and certainly can make waves outside of their homeland.

‘The Promise’ is a great single for the band, who if you want to compare, kinda have a Tonight Alive feel to it, with a lot of  aggressive guitars and vocals that work well together, and this first single really shows all these things really well. Brand New Day the next track on the album really shows the vocals incredibly well too, with soaring sounds that really accentuate Battilani’s vocals incredibly well.

Throughout the albums there is some great riffs that work really well, this is helped by the great sound of production, that feels natural for this band and really emphasises the good things about this record, however really it’s the drums that are taking the stage on this album, tracks such as Like Ashes Underground and Let It Go, which really show some great drum work, though simple in place it is effective, giving a great foundation for this album.

A really great record from start to finish, this band have made their own style and it really works for them throughout the record, worth a listen for some really great vocals from Linda Battiliani and some great musicians particularly on drums, you won’t be disappointed by this album. If Over are this good now on their debut record, it will be interesting just how good they can become in the future.

Over tour the UK at the end of April/beginning of May, and they are certainly worth going to see, this record will be a good thing live.



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