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Review: Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars EP.

Get Some Scars EP (Special Edition) cover artLux Lisbon recently released their extended EP, Get Some Scars. Naming influences including The Killers and Fleetwood Mac, Lux Lisbon certainly listens to some of the best, which is shown in their music, but bringing it in their own unique way. The EP can be found on Bandcamp here.

This band has a way with a melody on this EP, that really creates some great grooves throughout, songs like Memente Mori really show that and will keep your top tapping throughout the song. This is followed by The Devil Got Me Dancing which is catchier than the cold, this band really showing the incredible talent they collectively have.

This band know how to write a tune, and this is shown throughout the record, Bullingdon Club and Memente Mori, are highlights, and the vocal layering really accentuates that writing style. As soon as the EP opens you can hear this on title track Get Some Scars, and it’s awesome, however the solo vocals are just as great throughout, it’s really hard to find any faults with this EP at all, it is that good. The production quality really does allow for everything they do to shine here, even live this band sound awesome. (as shown in the bonus tracks here).

Lux Lisbon really have made a great collection of songs here, and it’s definitely worth a listen if you like fresh melodies and pop beats that are incredibly easy to listen to. An awesome sound here, there’s certainly very little to complain about, I like this EP a lot. Highlights are Memente Mori, Demons You Show, particularly the live verson from the BBC and The Devil Got Me Dancing.



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