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Review: Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi.

Death Cab For Cutie, have been around a long time, inspiring many a artist to creat their own music, Transatlanticism being one of their most known works, and Codes And Keys being my particular favourite of their back catalogue, and Kintsugi is their most recent addition to this, released last week, I expect great things, cos that’s what they do.

The mixture of acoustic and atmospheric tones throughout the record, works well together, though often feels a little slow, where it could be a little faster, each song works well together, however it’s difficult to notice where one song begins and one where ends as the songs sometimes feel far too familiar next to one another.

However, there are highlights scattered throughout the record, as the album opens, first track ‘No Room In Frame’ has a great melody, interesting and ethereal melodies being the cornerstone of this record throughout, this is continued on ‘The Ghost Of Beverly Drive’ and ‘You’ve Haunted Me All My Life’, the lyrcs are simple but effective, with some authenticity, that has always really worked for this band, you just have to listen to earlier records to see that, see Translanticism or The Sound Of Settling to hear that.

This album is great, and works to what Death Cab For Cutie has always done best, and that’s make records that are easy to listen to, and it’s no surprise they have inspired bands such as The Maine and Moose Blood for example. This album is definitely a record that is unique to Death Cab and done well. This is certainly an album that is a good way to introduce yourself to this band as it has all the ingredients here that make a good album from this band, with some awesome vocals and melodies that really are reminiscent of earlier records.



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