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Review: Short Stories – Only Time Will Tell.

 San Diego pop punkers, Short Stories, release their album this week, ‘Only Time Will Tell’, heaving with emotion and great guitars, this album is certainly making a statement straight from the start, with some typical but catchy pop punk hooks, this album is certainly worth a listen. The band have a solid following and it’s clear to see why here.

The writing is certainly memorable and makes for some great lines that stick out, particularly on tracks like, ‘To Whom It May Corcern’ and the depth here is memorable, with a very honest record putting the thoughts of the lyricist bluntly, particularly on songs like ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’ where it feels almost uncomfortable to listen to, but it’s executed so well, that really the melodies save this from becoming too heavy.

Reminiscent of sounds made by bands such as Real Friends, and that kind of vibe, this album has a lot of classic pop punk sounds and drums that do work well together, but giving it their own style, particularly in how the writing works – the way the album is recorded and produced successfully shows how well this band sound together, the layers here sounding of great quality, giving this the sound of a professional recording.

There’s a lot of talent there, the writing is great and there’s some great melodies here that really work on this record. Lyrically there’s some great lines and choruses that make this record certainly worth seeing live, and a consistent sound that is a good place to build from, be interesting to see what this band can do in the future.



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