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Review: Hidden In Plain View – Animal EP.

hidden in plain view coverHidden In Plain View have been around for now fifteen years, and thanks to their reformation recently, and are now back with this three song piece, Animal, and celebrating their tenth anniversary of album, ‘Life In Dreaming’ an album that really pushed their sound into new ground and I’m sure this will continue on future records, like this one.

The three songs on this EP combine excellently together, and have a dramatic approach in every song that really works perfectly throughout, my personal favourite, ‘No Way Out’ really shows this in fine fashion, with a huge sound coming into the chorus, Joe Reo’s vocals are excellent throughout, and that’s shown here. I won’t be surprised if this band inspired a few of the newer bands on this scene, cos this sound is often imitated but never quite duplicated, and it really shows on this EP, that the masters are back.

The whole of the EP has a big sound that seems kind of amazing that is contained to just three songs, wth huge riffs and melodies on each of them, Hunting The Hunted, certainly brings the great things about this record together, the production allowing for every layer of each song to be heard with clarity. Certainly worth giving a listen soon as they embark on tour, Hidden In Plain View have made some excellent songs here on this record, and I hope they begin to make a few more, as they get back on to the road once again.



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