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Review: Secrets – Renditions EP.

San Diego post hardcore band, Secrets who are currently on tour with The Devil Wears Prada across the US, are releasing their new EP this week, Renditions through Rise Records, with only four tracks, it’s certainly shot and probably not so sweet, however this is an acoustic EP, and a little lighter compared to their usual sound.

Three of the songs are from their breakthrough record, ‘Fragile Figures’ and it’s no surprise that this was their breakthrough, listening to these songs, Melzer’s vocals really suit the acoustic vibe, and it really shows here on this EP, particularly on tracks such ‘Fragile Figures’ and ‘Dance Of The Dead’ which really works to the bands strength acoustically.

‘What’s Left Of Us’ the original track made for this EP, is really good, has a great melody throughout, the writing style this band have, really allows for a great acoustic sound, as it has a more poetic sound which makes this EP sound quite effortless, transitioning songs to acoustic, can sometimes come over as quite fragmented, but Secrets have really done it quite well on this EP, and it would be interesting to see more original acoustic work from the band.

There’s really some nice renditions here, and it’s certainly worth a listen if you’re a fan of Secrets, and I hope they play some of these acoustic on tour as they are very easy on the ear on this record. This band are very capable of doing more acoustically, and this EP really displays that perfectly, these tracks is more for the fans than reaching a new audience, but I think I’m converted a little.




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