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Review: Hotel Books – Run Wild, Young Beauty.

Hotel Books released their album last week, Run Wild, Young Beauty, a band with a growing fanbase, the band release the vinyl on the 19th. Hotel books on this record has a vibe of La Dispute as it opens, with soft melodies and the spoken vocals that really make this band stand out.

The lyrics, well poetry going through this record is written so well, with such depth, it’s difficult here to compare, to other spoken word pieces like seen on Between Bodies.  this is much more fuller picture compared to that, and this is their whole sound. It’s written excellently, and the melodies work perfectly well with what they’re trying to do creating at atmosphere to the record that is rarely done so well. The blend of different vocals on tracks such as Love Life, Let Go, makes that so clear.

The melodies here work perfectly with the different vocals, starting at the beginning with the record with almost sweet melodies, and this does happen throughout the record, tracks like, 813 Maryland St and the title track which really has a sound that makes the words sink in so much deeper. Two Steps Back picks up the pace, and so does Ten Steps Forward bringing the album to it’s conclusion, there’s some huge and diverse sounds on this album, which give it’s own unique sound, that makes IT certainly worth a listen, and sometimes it feels contradicting far too much.

Hotel Books have made an album that creates emotion and depth, that is difficult to create, the melodies creating a scene for these lines, and it works incredibly well altogether, ‘my friends never get in trouble, but we are a troubled bunch’ seems like a good way to summarise this record’s lyrics (Nothing Is Different). There’s been many bands breaking into this genre, Hotel Books are certainly the best of that bunch.



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