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Review: The Wombats – Glitterbug.

Long gone are the day of tragic pop tracks, and here moves a band who are using synth to make huge sound on their records instead, The Wombats returned with their third record, Glitterbug last week, which has some huge pop hooks working together with some great synth work, that makes it a damn good listen.

The writing style is still reminiscent of the earlier records, not that it is a bad thing, tracks like This Is Not A Party really show that, with some great but simple choruses and some really well written lines strewn throughout the record, My Body Is A Weapon is great track too, however The Wombats have always been good at creating songs that have are almost infectious and on this album that is made clear with some applume.

The melodies are toe tappingly good throughout, songs like The English Summer is impossible not to nod your head to, with an incredible beat, and there’s highlights scattered throughout the record that gives you hope and sometimes slightly dashes it, as it raises your expectations – there’s good songs here though, Emoticons opens the record perfectly and really sets the record’s sound perfectly well.

Glitterbug is a good record with some solid hooks and some great sounds throughout the album, the synth beats really work well, definitely a worthy effort, and quite a different route change from the band’s previous records, you can listen to the whole of Glitterbug on Spotify right now, if you like a bit of pretty good indie disco, Glitterbug is certainly the place to go look for it.



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