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Review: As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After.

As It Is release their new album on the 21st of April, one of the first British signees to Fearless Records, As It Is have been getting the attention they deserve. With some great singles already released from Never Happy, Ever After already, this looks set to be a good follow-up to their crowd funded debut, This Mind Of Mine. You can hear the whole album on the Alternative Press site right now.

Bringing pop punk to its most classic form here, with big guitars and the angst that comes with this sound, this is brought together excellently here on this album, particularly on tracks like Dial Tones in particular, but it does run through the record excellently, tracks like Sorry also really have that vibe with some big sing-a-long sounds that will really work on tour (As It Is and This Wild Life tour the UK soon, that track should be in the set). The whole album is put together with some style, and written some great depth.

As It Is have certainly perfected some excellent melodies throughout this record, and certainly makes it stand out compared to recent releases, Drowning Deep In Doubt and My Oceans Were Lakes, certainly really gives a good impression of this band, ‘the fire in my heart, is beginning to burn me out’ being one of those memorable lines from the record as well, clearly a band who have had time to craft their work, and it really shows throughout the record.

There’s an excellent mixture on easy melodies and pop punk here, and though in places it can seem cliché, with some great pop punk tracks, but the album is brilliantly put together, and really well paced, certainly worth a listen if you like bands such as Light You Up, Forever Came Calling and Modern Baseball, Never Happy, Ever After is the sound of really this generation’s pop punk and a pretty good sound it damn well is.



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