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Review: The Kut – Rock Paper Scissors.

Artwork- The Kut RPSReleased yesterday, the London grunge trio, The Kut, released their new EP, Rock Paper Scissors, made up of four impressive tracks, the band are on tour in the near future across the UK, where you definitely should check their new work out.

The grooves throughout this EP are really good, created by some excellent riffs, particularly on tracks like I Want You Maniac and I Don’t Need Therapy, which have some good melodies and some good guitars that really link all this EP up together, there’s some great drums as well on tracks such as Alekhine’s Gun, which really makes this song.

The vocals however are excellent, The Kut though lacking some production it feels sometimes to sharpen them, certainly have some great vocals that are reminiscent of bands such as Hole, for example. Tracks such as Bad Man and opener I Want You Maniac really display the vocals best on these songs and are certainly worth a listen of some really great singing and screaming on this collection of songs.

The Kut have made a solid EP here with some great work, that is gonna go down well live in the near future, with some great guitar work and some raw vocals that are certainly worth giving a listen. You can listen to Rock Paper Scissors via the band’s bandcamp.




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