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Review: Passion Pit – Kindred.

Kindred, the latest offering from Passion Pit, was released this week, the band’s third album, Kindred the follow up to 2011’s Gossamer. First single Lifted Up (1985) was certainly a fine first taste of a record that has been anticipated by many after a series of cryptic messages letting us know a new record was on the way, finally.

This album really is uncompareable, with some great beats and melodies, that the only thing that comes to mind in some places, is nineties video game music, particularly on tracks such Five Foot Ten, it certainly brings some  interesting beats to the album that Passion Pit do so well on this record weaving them well with Angelakos’ vocals which work so well with the music, particularly on tracks like Dancing On The Grave and Until We Can’t (Let’s Go) (which slightly reminds me of The Cinema).

Angelako’s versatility when it comes to the vocals throughout the record really quite incredible, with a an incredible range and a mixture of softer vocals and hard ones, that blend together really well and this shows straight the start of the record, Passion Pit, have made a record that is unusual, but easy to listen to, with funky sounds and ethereal vocals thrown in for good measure throughout.

Kindred is a great record, produced well and brought together perfectly as eash song ties together really well, with a great choice of lead single as it reflects the best of this album in one song. Other highlights on this record include, My Brother Taught Me To Swim, particularly the acoustic version you can hear on Spotify, and Where The Sky Hangs which has a perfect melody, with some great vocals. Passion Pit have made a great record here, you can check it out on Spotify now.




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