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Review: Hightower – Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Sure. Fine. Whatever. cover artParis rock band, Hightower, released their album Sure. Fine. Whatever, late last year. Hightower are a bit of a throwback to the days of classic rock, with some aggressive melodies with big vocals.On a short tour of England right now, the band are beginning to get places, and this record shows why.

Produced excellently by Steve Evett whose worked with the likes of Kid Dynamite and Lifetime (this is good!), This record really shows this bands strengths incredibly well, the vocals are really good on this record straight from the opener, Aqua Tiger being one of highlights of the album and a great way to begin this album.

The vocals however are not the only strengths of this record, with some excellent guitar work going on throughout the record, that makes it work really well together, tracks such as This Is Really Neat and Sliders, certainly have some great riffs and that old school vibe shows through in tracks such as this. Hightower though do have some songs that really are showing their experimentation, Fuck You, Peter really works with different sounds but sticking to that raw vocal that this band excel at.

Sure. Fine. Whatever. is definitely a great debut album for this band and a good basis for their next record, with some classic rock sounds and experimentation, which reflect their inspirations, however the band’s own strengths with their guitarists and some incredible vocals will see them do bigger and better things. Hightower’s album is certainly worth listening to, and you can listen to it on the band’s bandcamp right now.



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