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Review: Oathbreaker, Hundredth, While She Sleeps and Cancer Bats – UEA LCR, Norwich 24/04/2015.

AWP_20150424_005 show designed to rattle windows across the campus, one of the biggest metal shows rolled into Norwich last night, a co-headliner one of Britain’s best metal bands, While She Sleeps and Cancer Bats, a band according to them have played Norwich fifty times now, in their career.

Oathbreaker shocked the audience into some heavy guitars and some awesome vocals, Caro Tenghe’s vocal mix of soft sounds and full on screaming are excellent live and that really showed tonight. Partnered with some big guitar sounds, this band deserve to be heard and definitely to be seen live with a presence on stage from the start of the set.

Hundredth, though they were having technical issues during the set, seemed to soldier on through their set no matter what was going on, their latest single, ‘Unravel’ being one of the highlights of their set even through this. With raw vocals and colossal riffs, Hundredth’s new album Free comes out in June, and from what I saw, it’s gonna be pretty darn good, if it’s anything like their live show, really getting the crowd going.

While She Sleeps did an incredible job of showing just how good they are live, with a huge sounding set, songs like Seven Hills and Dead Behind The Eyes, being some of the highlights of this set, Taylor’s vocals are incredible throughout and how he can bring an audience to heel was something that really showed tonight with big sing a long’s going on, and considering his screaming vocals are difficult to replicate, they definitely tried their hardest. Cancer Bats however have a more raw and aggressive tone to their set, with some big riffs and drums that got that crowd going crazy.

Tenghe’s vocals, Hundredth’s determination, While She Sleeps drum work and Cancer Bat’s guitar riffs, working together would make a hell of a band, but these were some of the highlights from this tour, making a great tour altogether respectively, but really go see for While She Sleeps and Oathbreaker, who are the highlights.




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