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Review: Royal Psalms – I Could Have Been Anything.

royal psalms cover artBrooklyn’s Royal Psalms, released their EP this week, I Could Have Been Anything, just before they play some shows next month with Fireworks and Sorority Noise. Royal Psalms is comprised of members from bands such as Daytrader, Aficianado and Crime In Stereo, and doing great things together, this EP making that pretty clear straight from the start.

The work of the guitarists on this EP is subtle on this EP, but worked and woven in so well throughout the record, it’s perfect to listen to, just for them, tracks like ‘Until It’s Me’ and ‘Dig’ that really show the work of the guitars incredibly well, with some subtle grooves that makes this EP really work perfectly together.

The vocals of Nick Warchol are excellent as well throughout the EP, the use of vocals on ‘Until It’s Me’ and ‘Slow Horse’ are really good, with the big choral vocals really work here on this EP, and lyrically it’s pretty strong as well, songs like ‘Dig’ have a big hook in, the chorus will be stuck in your head pretty quickly, and the quality is consistent throughout, this record is a good effort, with some big sounds, and shows just how much this potential this band have, there’s more I think could have been done here, but this is a great taster of this band.

I can understand why AP made this band one of the bands to listen to of 2015, as they are certainly bringing new sounds and a style here not done before, there’s some big highlights here, ‘Dig’, ‘Slow Horse’ and ‘Until It’s Me’ are definitely the ones to listen to on I Can Do Anything – the guitars are also excellent, with some unique vocals that work well with the melodies that the band have created.

You can listen to a stream of the EP on Youtube now.




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