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Review: Miles Away – Tide.

Entering their thirteenth year as a band, Miles Away, release their latest record on May 5th, Tide. With a huge amount of talent on this record with members from The Others, Defeater, Bane and Cleave adding parts on to this record and Miles Away are certainly not a band who lack talent with ‘Endless Roads’ their release from 2010, having some good reviews, hopefully this doesn’t change for Tide.

The raw edge of the vocals on this record, are really good, and certainly something that makes this band unique, with a gravelly voice, Nick Horsnell has a voice that fits perfectly on this record. With tracks like Grateful and Let The Words Roll By, are illustrations of this however you can hear that coarseness throughout this record and it’s certainly never a bad thing. These vocals partnered with the lyrics, which are pretty good, with some big hooks and some group vocals, on tracks such as Entitlement, working really well. This album is certainly had a lot of thought put in to it, the five year gap showing here.

Where they have experimented with vocals, I think they could have done more with their melodies, spending much of my time being reminded of other bands such as Trophy Eyes and La Dispute in some ways, there’s big guitar riffs here but maybe lacking some originality. But these guitars are done well here with some great drum work as well- it does blend well together throughout, Undertow, the last track on the record shows this perfectly.

There’s a lot of good here, with some big guitars and great vocals going on through the record. Horsnell’s vocals is one of the strengths of this band, with a course, rough vocal, that works great here, and some big punk guitars that work great together as a band, well worth a listen if this is your thing.



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