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Review: Super Luxury – Ten Solid Years Of Applause.

Ten Solid Years of Applause cover artLeeds hardcore band, Super Luxury released their debut album recently, Ten Solid Years Of Applause. The band have supported bands such as Sleaford Mods, Metz and Cloud Nothings and this has led to Super Luxury slowly building a good reputation in their hometown and further and I’m sure this album will help that.

Not a band to do things typically, throughout the record the band have used technique and sounds that really make this record unique, but with a raw and visceral and vocal that works perfectly, but you don’t think really should work at all, particularly on tracks such as ‘Ian Mackaye..’ and ‘Kellogg’s Wasps’ where this really shows best.

The drumwork throughout the record is consistently good, creating some great runs throughout the record, songs like ‘Salem Tears’ are made by drum work like this, and working in conjunction with the guitars it gets better, song such as ‘Amasia’ are solid, and certainly show this band have collectively a huge amount of talent, this is also pretty clear on ‘Crunchy Boy’ with big vocals and an aggressive sound that tests the eardrums in a pretty good way.

There’s a lot of good on this record, with big guitars, great drums and some of the most raw vocals I’ve heard from a British band in a while, Super Luxury have done a fine job at making this record an accumulation of all the best of their musicians. Ten Solid Years Of Applause is certainly worth giving a listen to over on their bandcamp, Super Luxury certainly have made a debut record they should certainly be proud of here.



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