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Review: Tom DeLonge – To The Stars.

After the insanity of the makeup and breakup of Blink 182 that has played out recently, Tom DeLonge recently released what many suspect could have been the next Blink 182 record ‘To The Stars..’, and some of his own work, which considering he’s planning to make at least four records this year, he probably has music in abundance. To The Stars is only 8 tracks long, but is possibly a sign of what is to come and there’s a lot of good signs.

New World seems like a song that would have been great for a Blink record, with a lot of throwbacks to some of their earlier work on the song, if that was the intention, it’s a shame about the issues that have developed recently. The Invisible Parade is a great acoustic song, with some really nice melodies, and one of the highlights of the short record. And if ‘Golden Showers In The Golden State’ feels like one of those songs that was really made for a band to play, bring that thing that Blink 182 and Tom DeLonge does so well, but this album isn’t just tracks reminding you of what could have been, it’s very much a show of progression and good things to come.

There’s a lot of potential here on this record, and DeLonge has proven time and again he can make some great records, and though this record is a little over the place, it moves in different directions which really demos are supposed to, they’re supposed to be the foundation of a future record and from what you can hear this, we’ve missed out on possibly a very good one. Highlights of this record are The Invisible Parade, Circle-Jerk Pit and Animals, and you can hear all of these right now on the Alternative Press site, here.

Go listen to it, and think how good this could all have been on one hand, or on the other think about how much good stuff is on the way from this guy.



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